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Why do people take iodine?

Iodine is an essential mineral for pregnant women, aiding in pregnancy and smooth labor. Iodine’s exposure in the womb also helps in the baby’s development, preventing some health conditions that may have occurred later on in the offspring’s life.  

Here are some of Iodine’s uses and how it can benefit the body. 

It promotes thyroid health 

The thyroid gland’s primary function is to regulate hormone production. Additionally, the hormones produced by the thyroid gland control your heart health, metabolism, and more.

Without an adequate amount of iodine, the thyroid can decrease its hormone production, throwing the body off balance. A moderate amount of this nutrient should be enough to keep your thyroid in check. For example, you could sprinkle your salads with iodized salt or eat plants that grow in iodine-rich soil.

It aids in neurological development during pregnancy

It’s advised to increase your iodine intake while you’re pregnant as you’ll be needing more of it to promote the growth of the life inside you. Moreover, iodine is linked to the fetus’s brain development.

Iodine taken during pregnancy also helps with preventing intellectual delays and other neurological conditions in the baby.

If you’re pregnant, ask your doctor about iodine supplementation. It’s good for both you and the baby. Also, don't forget to monitor your iodine intake while you’re breastfeeding. Remember that this is a crucial time of brain development in the child.

It treats infections

Add iodine to any liquid to prevent and treat infections. It can kill bacteria in mild scrapes and cuts. As such, topical iodine shouldn’t be used on newborns. In addition, refrain from using it on deeper cuts, burns, and animal bites as well.

Iodine does wonders for you and your baby, and these are just a few examples of how the mineral can influence your life. It also helps with the treatment of fibrocystic breast disease and thyroid cancer. Furthermore, the nutrient disinfects water, reduces the risk of goitre, improves your baby’s birth weight, and improves their cognitive function as they grow.