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Free Shipping on all orders over $50 !!

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PURE American Iodine

American Iodine

Elevate your iodine experience with Lugol's Original's, where percision meets quality in every drop. Our iodine is curated from American mines, bottled, and crafted entirely in the USA. We take pride in our homegrown approach, ensuring that every step of the process meets the highest standards.

Each batch undergoes meticulous scrutiny. An independent lab provides a Certificate of Analysis for that extra seal of approval. It's not just iodine; it's a commitment to excellence, American style. Trust us for iodine that's not only pure but professionally crafted, right here in the USA.


I received the 20% Liquid Iodine Drops Thyroid Support Supplement 2oz after 5 days from ordering it, and it's totally awesome!


I ordered the Prilled Iodine and it arrived in a perfect condition and matched the description.


Been obssessed with the Quality Products, and I really like this these guys are selling!